Happy new year to all! I think one of my resolutions will definitely have to be to update this more (even though it feels very wordy compared with a tweet!), but there is lots to report!

Towards the end of 2010 was extremely busy – always a good thing for me as I love having lots to do, and it means i have gotten involved in lots of exciting projects! The one I will share today, is the Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange.

I have to say, I have always been fascinated by mail art projects – I adore receiving mail from around the world (I suppose this parallels my love for receiving email of toilet sign photos!) and I also love the idea of the journey that the envelope/letter has just accomplished! Whilst studying for my art foundation I exhibited a piece of work i created about just this, but never actually participated in a mail exchange until now!

The ATWB Postcard Exchange is a perfect way to start. Having now qualified as an Art Therapist, and having a particular interest in using the applications of the principals of art therapy in different ways, this was a great opportunity to find our how other art therapists around the world are practising.

You can read more about the exchange and see the postcards already received on the ATWB website. I have already received a few, and am looking forward to binding them into a book once i have received the set 🙂