On Thursday i attended a reception at the House of Lords.


(I didn’t realise this was being taken, but if you look carefully you can see Sam’s hair!)

Hosted by the Breast Cancer Campaign i was invited along with Sam as a thank you for the money we raised for them last summer on our sponsored cycle from London to Paris.

It was great to meet some of the scientists who spend the money raised in trying to beat breast cancer. It was also extremely humbling to hear of peoples experiences and reasons for fund raising for this cause.

Also of great interest, was the chance to photographs the toilet signs 🙂

Not such great photos as i had to take them on my mobile, but non the less, another 2 to add to my collection!



Pilot’s miracle escape as plane crash lands … on a pile of Portaloos

By Eddie Wrenn

With his plane stalling at 150 feet, and no time to return to the runway, the pilot of a Cessna 182 was probably in need of the toilet.

Luckily, he found a whole pile of them, and the crash landing on top of piles of portable loos probably saved his life.

The Cessna 182 crashed on Friday afternoon in Washington state after taking off from Thun Field, an airfield owned by Pierce County southeast of Tacoma.

Crash land: The Cessna plane lands on the pile of portable loos

Crash land: The Cessna plane lands on the pile of portable loos

The plane was about 150 feet (45 meters) in the air when the engine quit.

Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said the pilot tried to turn around to land but didn’t quite make it.

The plane hit a fence, flipped over and landed upside down on top of the portable toilets standing in a storage yard.

The pilot, whose identity has not been released, was able to walk away apparently unharmed.

Landing: The pilot, who has not been identified, was able to walk away from the wreckage

Landing: The pilot, who has not been identified, was able to walk away from the wreckage

I love receiving photos of toilet signs, but this picture really made me smile. So thanks to Elliott Loo Hire for sending it in!

Elliott Loo Hire was where i got my portable toilet from back in 2007, so it’s quite sad really to see all it’s extended family looking like this!

Bog Standard Gallery has spent the past few months trapped inside a garage.  Sadly the owner of the garage in which the gallery was being stored passed away, leaving no way of getting her out!

The good news is that Bog Standard Gallery is now out, and free! And is currently residing with close family and friends at the Superloos depot!!

Bog Standard Gallery will be back on the road in June, with a new exhibition about Waste.

…’The Sustainabilitree Show’

@ Arts Depot, London

25th June – 7th July 2009


I was wondering if there are any of you in Poland that could perhaps send me some photos of the toilet signs??

Please send them to info@bogstandardgallery.com

Many many thanks!

It’s never quite the plan, or even anticipated at the start of a project but there always seems to be quite a large element of repetition in my work. Having spent the past days and weeks continuously cutting out leaves for my ‘Sustainabilitree’ i think my right hand has now moudled itself to the shape of my scissors. Knowing that i would need in excess of 8000 leaves for the tree, i was adamant that i wanted to cut them by hand. This was largely because i wanted each leaf to be unique. I was aiming for the Sustainabilitree to be as realistic as possible to fit in with the fact that it would biodegrade back to nature in the same cycle that a real tree would. I also had worked out in advance that i would be able to cut out 5 leaves at a time using scissors. In reality, this didn’t prove very easy so, i literally cut each leaf out one at at time…

So here are all the components…

The Trunk – the plastic objects visible through the bark demonstrate the items that bioplastics can now be used to replace. (Photo taken on possibly the only day of summer this year 😦 )

The Branches:

And the Leaves:


After another successful exhibition in Manchester (I won an award for originality 🙂 ), it was time to say goodbye to my little yellow caravan.

As heartbreaking as it was to let her go, storage and logistics had proved to be quite a nightmare. Especially since being in London where finding a little green field to store her was an impossible task!

I had previously been storing the caravan on a farm in between exhibitions, but the thought about doing this indefinately worried me about the condition she would get into. I would rather see her go to a nice home now, than keep her a little while longer but then have to send her to a scrap heap at some point down the line!

So, after lots of thought, deliberation and changing my mind most days, i decided that now it’s the start of the summer, i would like her to go to a loving home with lots of children so that they can be getting pleasure and use out of it. (I was still undecided with 3 minutes to go on the ebay auction so got my boyfriend to bid…satisfied that he was the highest bidder and that i got to keep the caravan, i left the room…only to come back to my computer and see that he had been outbid in the last 3 minutes!) Gutted!

So off she goes to meet her new and adoring family in Yorkshire…

The photograph below shows the brown biodegradable sheet i have been working with to make the bark of my biodegradable tree for Stanelco PLC.

Thermo-forming sections of this brown sheet over the clay mould (shown above) transfers the texture imprinted on the mould to the biodegradable plastic sheet. I made the mould by using the clay to adopt the texture of a real tree bark. Once i have formed enough sections of bark i will melt all the small sections of together and will eventually have what will be the trunk of the tree.

As well as the bark texture the trunk will take on the shape of familiar plastic shapes in certain parts of the trunk as seen in the photographs below.

After cutting all the bark sections out i saved all the left over bits to use to make the branches – REUSING 🙂

To follow, the branch making…

My little yellow caravan appears once again after having been in hibernation for the winter.

Panic set in on her arrival at the exhibition after realising the keys seemed to have gone for a wander and there was no means of entry. Weirdly my mum had found a mouldy key in our house the day before and surely enough it opened the door instantly!

After this exhibition the caravan will hopefully be sold. It will be quite a sad moment for me, as after painting it over a period of a year with 24 litres of yellow paint and 40 000 polka dots, and i am very much attached to it!

However, every time i look down at my clothes i always see a little blob of yellow paint that just somehow managed to get onto everything i own so the caravan won’t seem too far away!


After receiving 48 000 visitors at various locations across Manchester, Bog Standard Gallery is now at it’s first London exhibition

Apthorp Gallery

Barnet Open

Thursday 8th May 2008Sunday 15th June 2008 12.00PM- 4.00PM

artsdepot’s answer to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

This annual event, now in its fourth year, will offer an opportunity for talented visual artists to exhibit their work. Ranging from ceramics to photography, installation art to oil painting, The Barnet Open will showcase a broad range of styles and mediums in a contemporary gallery setting. The exhibition is the product of an open submissions process with local residents, artists and community groups having the opportunity to put their work forward for selection. The result will no doubt be a vibrant group show by compelling artists.

Last week Bog Standard Gallery arrived to London 🙂

In preparation for it’s next exhibition this is your last chance to submit photographs for possible inclusion in the gallery.

Since Bog Standard Gallery’s last exhibition at Urbis in Manchester my travels and the collection have become quite extensive and the toilet signs inside will be even more varied and interesting than before.

I still continue to receive great toilet sign images from all over the world and if anyone has any that they still have not sent that they would like to be included in the gallery now is the time to send them.

Thank you! 🙂

Photos below show trials for tree trunk and branches.






I would like to apologise to the friend i referred to in the post below regarding his wastage of plastic bottles over his daily water consumption.

News just in is that he is well aware, and full of guilt about this wastage and therefore now chooses to consume his daily water allowance by filling a plastic cup with water from a water cooler.

800% less plastic bottles – it sounds impressive!

BUT still too much wasted plastic! Further questioning led him to admit to using a different cup each time he has a drink! Based on the fact that these cups hold significantly less water than a bottle, and telling me he drinks about 7 cups a day, i am not convinced he is saving that much plastic!

I hope this post guilts him into using one cup per day – that would be a good start!

Oh, and he did tell me this whilst he was paying for a packet of pitta bread which he then put inside 2 plastic bags to carry it across the road from the shop to his flat!

My friend, i think you just dug yourself one huge hole!

This time last year my world was yellow. But now it’s green, biodegradable, and tree like!

Working with biodegradable plastics since November, it has without a doubt affected the way i feel about plastic. Not only do i always ask not to have a plastic bag in a shop, but it completely riles me to see people taking bags for just one item! I would say that the way people go about consuming so much plastic with no regard for the environment has become my biggest pet hate.

Earlier this evening, a friend of mine was telling me about how he drinks at least two bottles of water a day and then just bins them – that’s almost 800 bottles a year!!! Whatever happened to using a glass and a tap?? Although I must admit that the water here in London, in my opinion is vial! Being used to the Cheshire water i am not used to seeing half a beach at the bottom of my mug of tea!

Anyway, I haven’t spoken much about the pieces i am working on for Stanelco until now, perhaps because i have just had a big mass of biodegradable thoughts and experiments whirling around in my mind. But now i am focused on two very different installations.

Trying to overcome issues of storing previous art works such as my portable toilet and caravan, you would think this would have some impact on the scale to which i have decided to work with on this project – but they are the biggest yet 🙂

It’s an exciting time for me in the process of creation as all the plans are well in place, the experimentation has been exhausted and the final stage of making has begun. In other words, this stage for me is the, ‘dont stop ’til it’s finished part!’. Hence it’s midnight on a Wednesday evening, the working day is over and i am sitting in my bed surrounded by some newly made biodegradable branches, diagrams of how my trunk will slot together and writing about trees!

Photos to follow!