Hello! It has been a very long time since my last post – I have been busy writing essays towards the completion on my MA. (Not an experience I wish to repeat!) But i am happy to report I am now finished, and back in the creative world! 🙂

This weekend it was the Hayes Carnival in Hillingdon, and I ran an art workshop for young children and their families.

The theme of this years carnival was ‘Stardust’ and the carnival also wanted to convey the topical message of sustainability.

Using bottle tops and other used and discarded plastic items from local businesses, I invited the participants to ‘make their mark on the Earth’ by using the pieces to create a world globe. The bright and colourful globe looked healthy from a distance, but on closer inspection highlighted the litter strewn environment in which we live.

Having recently moved from London to Hertfordshire, i am enjoying exploring.

The inspiration for my previous projects has always come from everyday, mundane things around me, and i am looking forward to seeing how Hertfordshire might inspire me.

I have already joined, and used the local Freecycle group and become a member of WRAP, the Watford Recycling Arts Project. Having been so immersed in thinking about the environment last year whilst i worked on The Sustainabilitree Show, i think i would find it very difficult to make work that didn’t follow this theme. The main purpose of me joining WRAP and Freecycle has been to gather materials for a series of art workshops I have been running with the local kids. We have been using unwanted and recycled materials to make beautiful works of art! The first workshop used these materials to create a 3D ‘map’ showing the kids perceptions of their local area. They used the materials to create houses, roads, bus stops, shops and places they enjoy spending time. Anything not seen as important didn’t make it onto the map – hence no schools but all the local hang outs where they go to smoke! I have found this a very useful way familiarise myself with the area and I am certainly down with the lingo even if i do still rely on my TomTom to find my way around!

It perhaps seemed like I disappeared a little towards the end of 2009…i was just busy getting married 🙂

Having had a good rest I am now looking forward to what the art world and 2010 have in store.

In just a few months i will hopefully be a qualified Art Therapist…just a few essays to get through before then! Perhaps a new installation on the horizon too…

Happy new year to you all…i will be back soon.

Melanie BODA!

PS. You can watch a short wedding clip here.


Malvern Exhibition of Contemporary Art (MECA), Church Walk, Malvern, Worcestershire.

4th – 31st October 2009

‘Bog Standard Signs’

New photograghs from my ‘Bog Standard Signs’ series will be exhibited at the Malvern Exhibition of Contemporary Art from the 5th October 2009.

More details coming soon..

The Sustainabilitree Show

Paul Mines CEO Stanelco Plc and Justin Rowlatt 'Ethical Man' admire the Sustainabilitree