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I am writing this post from Weeze Airport after having been in Germany for the past couple of days with work.

I spent yesterday at an absolutely massive plastics exhibition/trade fair in Dusseldorf swatting up on all the different types of plastics, as well as all the different types of machinery used to form them. I think the scale of this trade fair, and the distances in which people had travelled both to visit and exhibit demonstrate just how big a part plastics play in our lives.

Starting work on my commission from Stanelco, i really can’t help but notice plastics everywhere i go and think about all the oil that is wasted in making them when there are so many alternative materials which could be used.

So, having four hours to pass at this little tiny airport and all different plastics whirling around in my head i have decided to see exactly how much plastic i can spot in this place:

(Typically with me i started at the toilet, although i cannot include what was in the mens 😛 !):

– 8 plastic toilet seats

– 8 plastic toilet brushes and 8 plastic toilet brush holders

– 8 plastic coat pegs

– 8 plastic toilet roll dispensers

– 9 plastic door handles and locks

– approx. (although judging by the amount of time i have to waste it’s probably pretty accurate) 48 metres of plastic sealant strips around the cubicle walls and door

– 14 plastic bin bags

– 10 plastic legs on cubicles

– 1 plastic air freshener holder

– 4 plastic door-stops

– 2 plastic light switches

– 2 laminated plastic cleaning rotas

– 2 plastic soap bottles

– 3 plastic laminated no smoking signs

– 77 plastic seat pads

– 87 plastic condiment sachets

– 30 plastic laminated menus

– 36 plastic Pringles lids

– 2 plastic tills

– 2 plastic drinks pumps

– 48 plastic straws

– plastic fire hose

– 3 plastic vending machine fronts

– 8 plastic sandwich containers

– 17 plastic-wrapped baguettes

– 14 plastic-wrapped muffins

– 16 plastic-wrapped bakery items

– 32 plastic advert banners hanging from ceiling

– 2 plastic laminated ‘staff only’ signs

– 4 plastic sit on rides for kids

– 2 plastic ‘A’ boards

– 4 plastic computers

– 2 plastic illuminated advert boxes

– 16 plastic leaflet holders

– 18 plastic- wrapped items in vending machine

– 2 vending machines of plastic bottles

– 38 plastic seat pads

– 17 plastic signs for lifts/departures etc

After spending a year painting my caravan and it’s contents yellow, i have a very exciting new commission!

Seeing as i usually ‘live’ my projects this could mean quite a lifestyle change for me as it involves going green and working with a material that is not harmful to the environment!

Stanelco is a company that produce bioplastics which i will be using to create my next installation.

Bioplastics can replace oil-based plastics and because they are derived from corn and potato starches, as well as being used for life-long plastic products they can biodegrade right back to nature. As it is a very new material it is extremely exciting as it’s capabilities are not entirely known so will involve a lot of experimenting and fun!

Taking on this work has increased my awareness of lots of environmental issues, particularly focusing my attention on all the wasted plastics we come across daily – so much so that i have a new found feeling of guilt when i put plastic in the bin these days!

There are lots of artists that explore environmental issues and this will be something interesting to look at as i get a feel for this new project.