The toilet signs in South Africa were collectively some of the most exciting and varied signs i have come across since beginning my research. This was quite exciting as after the toilet signs in Belfast were such a disappointment i decided not to expect anything at all so i feel this was a very successful trip indeed.
I have not compiled the statistics together yet but it seemed that generally any toilet that was in a public place and outdoors, (for example the public toilet blocks outside, at petrol stations and in the Kruger National Park) were all the same standard green and white printed design, with the rest in places such as restaurants, bars and hotels being extremely varied, unpredictable and exciting. In fact, every sign that was not one of these green and white ‘standard’ ones was very different to any sign i have ever come across and entirely unique.

Talking about unique and toilets – i think this video below sums it up quite nicely and was definitely one of the most exciting toilet visits i have experienced… and there have been many!…

I stupidly only took a smallish memory card with me for my camera so i had to be quite selective with the photographs i took in general, prioritising the toilet signs, followed by the more sensible photographs such as the scenery and the safari animals. This meant that a lot of the seemingly ‘unnecessary and odd’ photographs i would usually take when visiting a new place would have to go amiss. These photographs would have all be tagged with words such as vast, extreme or intense and so instead of these images appearing on Flickr, they are now stored in my memory. For this reason, if there is only a few things i ever end up remembering about South Africa as a place, it will probably be the intensity of the pink colouring in the wafers, and how neon the orange Fanta is over there. And for now i think the rest of these thoughts will stay in my head!