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Having never been to a Graduation Ceremony before i had very little idea as to what i could expect from my own, let alone how it works when you have divorced parents, an absolutely huge family and 2 tickets!

On the day it all worked out just fine and i dressed up in the funny costume, shook hands with someone important, went out for a lovely lunch and then came home.

Shortly after arriving back home i wondered if after 4 years of studying whether i actually was meant to receive anything to prove that this actually happened? Or maybe because i left the university owing such huge library fines i wouldn’t get a certificate?

Luckily this arrived in the post this week so i no longer need to worry:

Tune into Radio 5 live on Sunday 29th April at 11.30 pm to hear more about Bog Standard Gallery!

P.S. The ribbon is going fast!

Today has been an extremely busy day with the press for Bog Standard Gallery. I have been doing a number of interviews all day and it is quite exciting!

An article in The Daily Mirror this morning described me as odd, and obsessive but i guess that was to be expected! The article can be seen by clicking here.

And there is an article on the Manchester Metropolitan University website too which can be seen here.

The BBC news online also have an article which can be seen here – and i am on the homepage, woo! (or should it be, loo?!)

On Monday morning at 9.10 am i have a live interview with Andy Burrows on BBC Radio Cambridge and you can listen to that live online or anytime afterwards by clicking here.

And then on Monday at about 2pm i am doing an interview with Dublin’s Spin 103.8 and you can listen to that live by clicking here.