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This time last year my world was yellow. But now it’s green, biodegradable, and tree like!

Working with biodegradable plastics since November, it has without a doubt affected the way i feel about plastic. Not only do i always ask not to have a plastic bag in a shop, but it completely riles me to see people taking bags for just one item! I would say that the way people go about consuming so much plastic with no regard for the environment has become my biggest pet hate.

Earlier this evening, a friend of mine was telling me about how he drinks at least two bottles of water a day and then just bins them – that’s almost 800 bottles a year!!! Whatever happened to using a glass and a tap?? Although I must admit that the water here in London, in my opinion is vial! Being used to the Cheshire water i am not used to seeing half a beach at the bottom of my mug of tea!

Anyway, I haven’t spoken much about the pieces i am working on for Stanelco until now, perhaps because i have just had a big mass of biodegradable thoughts and experiments whirling around in my mind. But now i am focused on two very different installations.

Trying to overcome issues of storing previous art works such as my portable toilet and caravan, you would think this would have some impact on the scale to which i have decided to work with on this project – but they are the biggest yet 🙂

It’s an exciting time for me in the process of creation as all the plans are well in place, the experimentation has been exhausted and the final stage of making has begun. In other words, this stage for me is the, ‘dont stop ’til it’s finished part!’. Hence it’s midnight on a Wednesday evening, the working day is over and i am sitting in my bed surrounded by some newly made biodegradable branches, diagrams of how my trunk will slot together and writing about trees!

Photos to follow!

After spending a year painting my caravan and it’s contents yellow, i have a very exciting new commission!

Seeing as i usually ‘live’ my projects this could mean quite a lifestyle change for me as it involves going green and working with a material that is not harmful to the environment!

Stanelco is a company that produce bioplastics which i will be using to create my next installation.

Bioplastics can replace oil-based plastics and because they are derived from corn and potato starches, as well as being used for life-long plastic products they can biodegrade right back to nature. As it is a very new material it is extremely exciting as it’s capabilities are not entirely known so will involve a lot of experimenting and fun!

Taking on this work has increased my awareness of lots of environmental issues, particularly focusing my attention on all the wasted plastics we come across daily – so much so that i have a new found feeling of guilt when i put plastic in the bin these days!

There are lots of artists that explore environmental issues and this will be something interesting to look at as i get a feel for this new project.