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Hello! It has been a very long time since my last post – I have been busy writing essays towards the completion on my MA. (Not an experience I wish to repeat!) But i am happy to report I am now finished, and back in the creative world! 🙂

This weekend it was the Hayes Carnival in Hillingdon, and I ran an art workshop for young children and their families.

The theme of this years carnival was ‘Stardust’ and the carnival also wanted to convey the topical message of sustainability.

Using bottle tops and other used and discarded plastic items from local businesses, I invited the participants to ‘make their mark on the Earth’ by using the pieces to create a world globe. The bright and colourful globe looked healthy from a distance, but on closer inspection highlighted the litter strewn environment in which we live.

Yesterday i went into my old primary school and did a couple of art workshops with year 2. It was a strange feeling being back there, it almost felt like i had never left but that the furniture had just got really small!

I was only in for the afternoon, and ran the workshop with two classes, but it was absolutely exhausting, and if i hear anyone shout Miss Waaaaarnerrrrrrr one more time!…


After getting the class to think about the characteristics they would like to have if they were an insect, they designed them on paper giving their species a name. Once this was done they made them out of different materials and they will all be hung of a giant spiders web once they are dry.

Another exciting part of my visit to my old school was to see some of my own work still up from when i was there over ten years ago!…

It seems quite funny how there is a real resemblance to the pattern i used for the caravan!