In celebration of the 21st Birthday of The Harlequin Shopping Centre in Watford, I have spent the weekend enticing shoppers to weave a plastic strip of shopping bag onto this giant 21.

I made the 21 earlier in the week using chicken wire and a wooden frame. (Wearing gloves seriously stunted my ability to create the frame so my hands are now extremely scratched!)

Retailers from the shopping centre donated their shopping bags to be woven into the installation. I must admit, some bags made for more interesting strips than others (a particular favourite of mine was the bags from Pumpkin Patch that are multi-coloured, spotty AND stripey all in one bag!!)

Shoppers were also invited to write a birthday message and attach it to the giant 21 that stands at just over 2 metres tall.

The giant, multi-coloured 21 will be on display at the Gallery on the the third floor of the shopping centre until the end of the month.