I would like to apologise to the friend i referred to in the post below regarding his wastage of plastic bottles over his daily water consumption.

News just in is that he is well aware, and full of guilt about this wastage and therefore now chooses to consume his daily water allowance by filling a plastic cup with water from a water cooler.

800% less plastic bottles – it sounds impressive!

BUT still too much wasted plastic! Further questioning led him to admit to using a different cup each time he has a drink! Based on the fact that these cups hold significantly less water than a bottle, and telling me he drinks about 7 cups a day, i am not convinced he is saving that much plastic!

I hope this post guilts him into using one cup per day – that would be a good start!

Oh, and he did tell me this whilst he was paying for a packet of pitta bread which he then put inside 2 plastic bags to carry it across the road from the shop to his flat!

My friend, i think you just dug yourself one huge hole!