If one bases the enjoyment and success of a trip on the quality of the toilet signs then Belfast was a disappointment! Being grey and dirty like Manchester, i expected the toilet signs to be comparable – and they were! Maybe i could at least be excited that i predicted correctly 😛

I spent a few days in Northern Ireland, so it was nice to be able to photograph a good number of signs, especially as i have already quite heavily covered the Republic of Ireland and the comparison could be interesting. A lot of the signs were actually just the words ‘ladies’ and ‘gents’ without pictograms – at least it makes my statistics look pretty!

I did however come across a sign that i found quite humorous – it was stuck on the door of a Chinese restaurant called the Red Panda in Belfast…

Another highlight of the trip was receiving a special commendation in a very prestigious art competition! The colouring competition on Stena Line Ferries is in fact open to people of all ages, and was quite a challenge! However, despite all the problems i had keeping inside the lines after my wax crayons had gone blunt i was extremely excited (possibly too much) to be called up and receive my prize, along with some words of wisdom from the captain…”Get a life!”