Considering i anticipated working for the Manchester International Festival would be a nice break from the stress of the degree show, i couldn’t have been more wrong! The past couple of weeks have been incredible in terms of what i have seen, learnt and the experience i have gained, but i think the excitement of hanging out with Carsten Holler has completely drained any energy i had left!

Living with all the participants of Carsten Holler’s ‘Upside Down People 2007’ was quite a surreal experience in lots of different ways. Seeing as i was involved in the project from early on, at the stage where we were recruiting participants to live upside down, it has been great to see it through to the end, and to be able to follow it so closely. It was amazing to be so closely involved with Carsten’s work, and at the same time was also a completely fascinating project to get such an insight into. Living with such a mix of people was an interesting experience too, especially with most of them having the same experience but the wrong way up. I have only been away from it all for a few hours, but it feels so surreal, it’s almost like the entire thing was a dream.

Dinner in the ‘goggle house’ started off being a lengthy task – serving baked potatoes on the second night was possibly quite a mistake as the co-ordination of eating with a knife and fork proved almost impossible, hence dinner taking a ridiculous amount of time and energy to get through!

After a couple of days, things became alot easier for the participants, and we did things like bowling, and took a trip to Blackpool. By this time we did not need to help the participants eat, and we were just required to randomly shout words such as kerb, puddle, and car!

I think the most used word during this time was ‘sorry’ as the participants had no peripheral vision and often thought things were a lot further away than they actually were, often resulting in the helpers being bashed around a little.