Having not been in my portable toilet for a couple of weeks i have to admit that i had missed it, aaah!… And therefore i was out of bed and in the loo by ten this morning!

There seemed to be so many bits and pieces to get organised today as the first exhibition for Bog Standard Gallery is coming up in less than 2 weeks… this meant that the space functioned more as a telephone box so i could arrange the logistics of moving it more than anything else!

I spent a bit of time in the woodwork room cutting the panels for the walls to the right shape and then sanded the bits of the interior that would not be covered over by the false walls before painting them with their first coat of white emulsion. I also ate some cheese sandwiches in there which is actually really gross now i come to think about it! It seems like i didn’t achieve much today but i was in there until about six o’clock – the cutting of the wood involved a lot of messing around as they were funny shapes to cut and hard to measure. It also tok a while to reinforce the floor and screw it into place. This was because big holes had to be drilled out of the floor to allow access for screwing the floor in. As the floor is in two pieces there also had to be an extra piece added underneath them so that if the weight was not equal on both sides the floor wouldn’t sag down.

Tomorrow i will be back in there at 9, but i think i may eat my sandwiches in the park…